Significantly Reduce Recruitment Costs

Lower cost fee options designed for small to mid-sized businesses. We lower your expenses and mitigate your risk by working at hourly rates, and a pay-as-you-go/no contract business model, which can be paused or terminated at your discretion and at any time. Just one of the many reasons why senior management, HR departments, and corporate talent acquisition leaders, like working with us.

Find the Unfindable, Attract the Unattractable

Great recruiting requires a high level of business acumen combined with extraordinary skills in consultative selling. The best recruiters know that recruiting is a contact sport and is all about effectively selling our client's company and job opportunity. With many years of experience, the professionals at Alternative Recruiting are assertive, persistent, and knowledgeable. We endeavor to pursue qualified people and engage them in "conversations of possibilities." Our Recruiters are highly experienced business people who understand your business and can engage people on any level. Learn More

Multi-Channel Recruitment Strategies Yielding More Qualified Candidates

We utilize various resources and channels to acquire talent. We take an aggressive, but cost-effective approach to combining online recruitment with results-oriented headhunting strategies (pursuing candidates who are not looking at job ads). Our business model relies on our proprietary “Incremental Resource Allocation Strategy” (IRAS): We begin with the least expensive option and incrementally add resources if, and when needed. Learn More

Keeping Our Clients Informed

We consider client communication to be critical to our success. We begin with our Kick-Off meeting; a face-to-face video meeting or conference call (your choice) with our client and the stakeholders involved in the interview process to discuss position requirements and strategy. We follow up every 10 to 15 hours with status reports providing comprehensive detail of potential candidates and sources (names, company title, background) we are pursuing as well as all activity in that time period. Unlike other recruiting firms that do everything behind a veil, we show you our research, sourcing, contact, and interview activity. It is essentially providing you with the services of a large expensive retained search firm but at much lower costs.

Leverage our Recruitment Technology

We subscribe to the most comprehensive databases available, with information on millions of people, allowing us to access specific information on your competitors as well as names, titles, job functions, phone numbers and email addresses of specific people in your business.
Our clients have access, at no charge, to RecruitOnMARS - Our software / mobile app is designed to selectively engage employees (or your vendors, subcontractors, etc.), in the candidate sourcing and recruitment process. The results are more qualified candidates to select from when compared to job postings, a reduction in both recruiting agency and job posting costs, and the development of a morale-boosting "recruitment culture." Learn More

National Reach

Our clients are located throughout the U.S. We use Skype video extensively for all of our interviewing. We leverage the powerful Skype mobile app to interview people anytime and anywhere; before work, after work, and even during their lunch hour with their smartphone on the dashboard of their car. We provide support to helping them get Skype-ready. We motivate people to move quickly and to "meet" with us for an hour so that we can share the excitement of your opportunity while evaluating and assessing their personality, communications skills, and technical skills as they relate to the position's requirements.

Easy Pay Online with Credit Card

Fast, easy and convenient, pay online at our website, take advantage of your credit card's rewards points or airline miles. Purchase “packets of hours” to keep costs low and under control.

Try our services for 10 hours and you will see the difference. It’s a no-brainer.