Talent Acquisition Services

Today's HR professionals have a variety of responsibilities - and many times, more than they can handle. Many would prefer to control the talent acquisition process internally and that is why we offer a menu of on-demand services.

We realize some positions can be filled utilizing one or more of today’s online job boards. We also realize that time is money – and many hiring managers and HR professionals do not have the time to review and phone screen all of the resumes that a job posting may generate. We now provide low-cost job posting services which allow hiring managers to focus on their business while we monitor, review, and screen all incoming resumes.

In addition, some hiring managers have neither the time nor the expertise to create a compelling and effective job advertisement – something that will differentiate them from the thousands of other companies that are competing with them for the same talent. Writing effective and compelling job ad copy, is one of our specialties. We understand job seeker search habits, key-word utilization and placement, as well as phrases and ideas that motivate qualified candidates to apply. These include:

**Services may be billed at hourly rates.