The Risks of a “Post and Pray” Recruitment Strategy

Many companies currently rely on the “Post and Pray” method for finding senior level talent in critical positions.  Job postings are placed on the typical job boards (the same sites their competitors are also using) or send an inMail on LinkedIn (also being used heavily by competitors) and then sit and hope that the perfect candidate stumbles upon their ad or takes their message seriously.

While corporate recruiters need to include these marketing channels in their recruitment arsenal, these channels have become saturated and can be very ineffective when searching for high-performance talent.  Here are three reasons why your company should not rely on Post and Pray:

  1. The best candidates are busy being successful and not looking at job postings or responding to LinkedIn or email solicitations from recruiters.  These high-performers need to be “hunted”; identified, effectively engaged, and convinced that yours is the better opportunity for their career and their life.
  2. Post and Pray only provides candidates who are “available” today.  We believe our clients benefit when presented with a pool of candidates who are the best qualified for the job, regardless of whether they saw your job posting this week or not.
  3. Post and Pray provides companies with a false sense of recruiting security – the company, actually believes it is doing everything in its power to recruit the best people.  Placing an ad and hoping that your company will find the best person for the job is a flawed strategy.  Companies typically do this for one of two reasons:

First: They do not have the resources to conduct the search more effectively.  Those resources include a professional candidate research and sourcing team, and senior executive level recruitment professionals with the business experience to engage senior level top performers who weren’t “actively looking” for a job.

Second: They believe it will save money.  In the short run, while this may be true, there are other issues that could effect this.  They include opportunity cost and bad or mediocre hires (this cost much more than a recruiting fee!)

On the flip-side, there are some positions in which a strong job posting campaign can be highly effective.  In such a case, posting a job can certainly be more cost effective than hiring a recruiting firm.  There are also strategies that might scale in from post and prey to aggressive headhunting.  This is why we provide our clients with an "incremental recruiting" model in our talent acquisition augmentation services.  To learn more about this model click here.

About the Author

Joe Ziccardi

Joe Ziccardi is currently the Chief Talent Officer and Director of Human Resources Services for Alternative Recruiting, a consulting firm and service provider in talent acquisition solutions, executive search, and performance optimization. With more than two decades of experience in providing talent and HR related services, Mr. Ziccardi brings extensive knowledge and insight to the talent issues that face small to mid-size enterprises.

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