Part Time HR Help

The engagement of fractional / part time HR consultants and managers is on the rise and is continually gaining popularity.  This on-demand talent utilization model has become especially attractive to small and mid-size businesses (SMB’s).

When given the choice of paying for a less experienced full-time HR Administrator, or paying that same dollar amount for a part-time, more experienced strategic HR Business Partner with much more horsepower and knowledge, most SMB's and startups agree – for the same money, they’d rather have a more experienced executive, part-time – one who can be instrumental in helping to build the organization and drive growth.

In the past, this was difficult to accomplish.  In today’s flexible employment market, not only is it possible, it is, for many companies and senior level people, preferable.

How Does It Work?

Rates can be structured in a variety of ways including hourly, daily, weekly, or by the project.   For example, an engagement can be divided into 10, 20, or 30 hours per week and may last for just a few weeks, or may continue on indefinitely.  It is a business model which can result in far greater achievements with significant cost savings.

For more information, contact us and let’s discuss how a fractional executive may help.