In House Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition Outsourcing

When it comes to recruiting talent for small to mid-size businesses, working with AR can offer several advantages over employing an In House Recruitment Specialist...

  1. In house recruitment is of little value during periods of time when your company is not hiring. This happens time and again throughout economic cycles.  In house recruiters are the first to get laid off and this negatively impacts your company morale (not to mention the increase in your unemployment tax rates).
  2. The salary and payroll expenses associated with hiring any employee need to be considered.  When comparing the costs and risks of hiring an in house recruitment specialist against working with AR, a company will pay less with AR and receive significantly more in the way of results.
  3. Most internal talent acquisition specialists rely on the “Post and Pray” strategy of recruiting; post an ad on a job board, and pray that a good, qualified candidate responds.  While this strategy can work for some positions, it can be useless and ineffective for other positions.
  4. Most in-house recruiters spend their day sending out LinkedIn messages that will, for the most part, be ignored.  The reason why they are being ignored is because so many recruiters are doing the same thing.  Candidates who are in high demand get these messages every day and are now ignoring or deleting them.
  5. While in-house recruiters tend to focus on Post and Pray, they very rarely, if ever, engage in true “headhunting” – proactively identifying, and approaching qualified candidates who are not looking for a job and not answering ads or LinkedIn messages – these are typically the best candidates.  However, they are difficult to find and engage, and this is one of the strengths of AR’s team.
  6. AR provides services in both “Post and Pray” as well as Headhunting.  We know when one will work better than the other, or if both should be utilized.  We have the ability to run these strategies in parallel or incrementally (see AR’s Incremental Resource Allocation Strategy).
  7. AR is experienced in assessment testing and using these tools in the job design and candidate selection process.
  8. The skills and experience of AR’s consultants will have a noticeable impact on a company’s ability to find, attract, assess, and hire above-average talent – especially at the more senior levels.  A typical in-house recruiter will not possess the business acumen, reputation, or horsepower to be taken seriously by senior level executives.
  9. Candidates are more likely to trust a 3rd-party recruiter than they are to trust an in-house recruiter who only has one company’s interest in mind.
  10. AR’s projects are managed by an experienced Chief Talent Officer, with skills, experience, and qualifications far exceeding the typical in-house recruiter.  (See information on our Chief Talent Officer)