Hire Better, Hire Faster with Our Hybrid Talent Acquisition Model

Isn’t it funny?  Technology has provided us with more recruiting tools than ever before, and yet finding the “right” person seems to have become more difficult. There are now thousands of on-line job sites including major job boards, specialty job boards, aggregators, and social media.  There are also many different types of recruiters – some good, some not so good. Quite a maze to navigate and not so funny if you are a hiring manager with an important position to fill.

There are many things that set AR apart from other firms in the talent acquisition and headhunting arena.  But perhaps the most significant is our hybrid talent acquisition model which helps you find and hire great people while minimizing your cost.  We do this by evaluating all appropriate recruitment channels against the specific need and executing the least expensive options first.

AR’s Incremental Resource Allocation Strategy – A Cost-Effective Approach

While a more aggressive headhunting process may be the better channel for some positions, at times it makes sense to start with the least expensive options, i.e., our unbundled Talent Acquisition Services, and at least explore the possibilities of finding a good candidate without having to spend more money.  We monitor progress very closely and can scale into more aggressive headhunting services, if needed.  In all cases, we will carefully evaluate and implement the most effective cost solutions first.  This can add up to substantial savings in talent acquisition costs.

More on our Incremental Resource Allocation Strategy

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