Executive Headhunters - When Post and Pray is Not the Way

At Alternative Recruiting, our Executive Headhunters specialize in Identifying and pursuing candidates who will not respond to job ads, solicitation emails or LinkedIn messages.  There are times when a job posting will not be effective and a different approach is needed to identify and engage the high-performance candidates in your market. This requires excellent research and an experienced team that can deliver, with pinpoint accuracy, specific business intelligence on the people in your market place. In addition, since these potential candidates are not looking to make a job change, it takes a highly experienced executive recruiter, with an impressive background and strong business acumen to capture their attention, engage them in a conversation about your company, and coach them through a process they never expected to be in.

Our experience has shown us that the best and most qualified candidates are not usually conducting a job search. These high-performers are too busy to look for a job and are focused on their productivity and success. These candidates are not seeking – they are sought.

Many of the people you want to interview, and ultimately hire, are most likely working for your competitors, satisfied with their current positions, successful, and not currently “looking.” They are not looking at LinkedIn messages or Internet job postings. They do not publicly put themselves “in the market.” They are typically gainfully employed, well compensated, and highly regarded by their employer. A search firm must have the resources to quickly identify the candidates at your competitors who are relevant to your prerequisites. The search consultant must possess a certain level of business sophistication and experience to approach the potential candidate, engage their interest, and obtain their trust and respect.

However, the first step before these high-performers can be approached is identifying who they are and how to reach them. Not every great candidate can be found using Internet resources. The results of a hiring mandate are often directly impacted by the thoroughness of the candidate identification process and the detail that is uncovered by the research. The depth of our resources, contacts, and databases, coupled with the intensity of our research and calling effort, allow us to quickly identify the relevant high-performance candidates.

Alternative Recruiting's Executive Headhunters provide search services for leadership talent at the mid to senior levels of the organization.

Functional Area Expertise

Below is a partial representative list of the functional areas we have recruited for:

(in alphabetical order)

Architectural Drafting
C-Level Executives
General Management
Human Resources
IT Technologists
Marketing – Digital, Creative, Media
Project Management
Purchasing / Supply Chain
Sales – Inside, Outside
Warehouse Management


Below is a partial representative list of the industries we have recruited in:

(in alphabetical order)

Aerospace / Defense
Distribution / Wholesale
Diversified Business Services
Diversified Industrial
Financial Services – Banking, Securities
IT Services
Nursery / Garden Center / landscaping

While a more aggressive headhunting process may be the better channel for some positions, at times it makes sense to start with the least expensive options, i.e., our unbundled Talent Acquisition Services, and at least explore the possibilities of finding a good candidate without having to spend more money. We monitor progress very closely and can scale into more aggressive headhunting services, if needed. In all cases, we will carefully evaluate and implement the most effective cost solutions first. This can add up to substantial savings in talent acquisition costs.

Reduce Cost-Per-Hire