The talent acquisition and executive search professionals at Alternative Recruiting have successfully completed hundreds of search projects in a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Engineering, Technology, Business Services, and Financial Services.  Below are just a few samples of our representative projects.  Our clients are located throughout the U.S.

We use Skype video extensively for all of our interviewing. We leverage the powerful Skype mobile app to interview people anytime and anywhere; before work, after work, and even during their lunch hour with their smartphone on the dashboard of their car. We provide support to helping them get Skype-ready. We motivate people to move quickly and to "meet" with us for an hour so that we can share the excitement of your opportunity while evaluating and assessing their personality, communications skills, and technical skills as they relate to the position's requirements.

Industrial Distribution, Construction and Installation Company

Our client, a manufacturer and installer of construction related products for high-end luxury homes, had been selected by a prestigious European company to represent their product line in the US.  This required that our client open larger facilities on the east and west coast and scale quickly to meet the demands and expectations of their new European partner.  There were several immediate hires that were needed.  Given the tight market for talent, our client was unable to find and attract good, qualified talent at all levels and in many areas of their organization.  As a small firm, they also could not afford to pay recruiting firms 20% to 30% of salary for each hire.  Our pricing model and track record appealed to them and we were brought in to assess the situation and to assist in the recruiting of several individuals over the course of a few months.  Some of the new hires were in NY and some were in California.  These hires included:

Senior Sales Representatives, Sales Manager, Architectural CAD Drafters, Project Manager, Project Coordinator,  Purchasing Specialist, Cost Estimator, Logistics Coordinator, and a Bookkeeper

As a result of bringing in qualified talent and people who were a great fit for their culture, the company met, and even exceeded its revenue targets for the year.  The European partners were very happy !

Landscape Design and Construction Company

Our client, an established and highly regarded company in the landscape design, construction, and services business, was in need of a COO / CFO who could start work in the near future and wrap his/her head around several disparate business units and become a major contributor to the financial health and operations of the organization.  Alternative Recruiting, within a few short weeks, presented the CEO with four excellent candidates and a successful hire was made.  Some time later, the CEO of this client reached out to us to help with the hiring of another important managerial position.  Our Principal Consultant, knowing the company well, met with the CEO and assisted in designing the position specification.  After obtaining a thorough understanding of the need, our consultant, also familiar with the backgrounds of several team members, suggested an internal talent assessment project in which a few of the current managers, their experience and skills, would be assessed against the needs of the firm, as it relates to this new position. The findings of that brief, but very important consulting project, resulted in the promotion of an internal manager to the new position and the cancelling of a search that really did not need to be done.  The promoted manager was extremely happy with his new responsibilities and the CEO was happy that he saved money while also boosting morale.  We continued to help this client with recruiting needs as well as consultative work in organizational development, and performance management.

Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Company

Our client, a design engineering and manufacturing firm serving the aerospace and defense industry, was undergoing a change in corporate culture, as well as a significant increase in government contract business volume and in need of attracting and hiring industry specific talent in multiple departments and at multiple levels.  We were called in to meet with the CEO and other members of the senior management team to discuss the company’s needs.  While job posting campaigns initiated by their Human Resources department had been moderately successful in finding some of the talent they needed, they still had difficulty filling several positions.  In addition, they had contracted several contingency recruiters to help them but those recruiting firms seemed to pay little attention to these positions and instead pursued the path of least resistance, filling “easier-to-fill” positions with other clients.  This company’s management team was attracted to our approach, pricing model and track record, as well as the fact that we were going to be completely committed to working on their needs until otherwise directed or achieving the objectives.  We went on to assist them with multiple successful hires including a Mechanical Engineer, a Manufacturing Engineer, a Senior Demand Planner, a Senior Accountant, and an ERP Analyst.

Industrial Distribution Company

A medium size distribution company was referred to us as a result of having difficulty attracting higher caliber talent.  The management team’s values put heavy emphasis on job stability, punctuality, and accountability – all of which seemed to be in short supply with many of today’s candidates in their industry.  Our team at Alternative Recruiting went on to help the company hire their Head of Warehouse Operations, a warehouse supervisor, an Inventory Manager, a Customer Service Rep, and an Administrative Assistant.  The company’s performance improved significantly.  The company was made an attractive offer and was acquired.

Manufacturer and Distributor of Fresh Prepared Food

An aggressively growing New York based leading manufacturer of high quality, pre-cooked foods, was referred to us to assist them with finding and hiring a Vice President of National Sales selling to the food sections of big-box retailers nationwide.  The company needed this person to live either in the mid-west or western region of the US, to work remotely and manage a team of internal and remote salespeople as well as several independent food brokers.  The person who was, at that point, in charge of sales nationally was not meeting the company’s expectations and a change was needed – quickly.  Given the sensitivity of the situation, the search needed to be conducted in a highly confidential matter.  The CEO was already stretched in taking on much of the sales responsibilities.  In short order, Alternative Recruiting conducted a confidential and professional search and helped hire the ideal candidate for the job.

Civil and Structural Engineering Firm

Our client, a civil engineering and structural engineering firm, was having difficulty attracting talent given their location.  As a small firm, they also could not afford to pay recruiting firms 25% of salary for each hire.  Our pricing model and track record appealed to them and we were brought in to assist in the recruiting of structural engineers over the course of a few months.  In addition to their successful hires, they hired us for multiple consulting projects to assist them in growth acceleration and performance management.