Are Job Postings Losing Their Edge? (I think you know the answer to that!)

It wasn’t long ago that companies were able to place a job posting on one of the many job boards and receive dozens of qualified candidates.

Wow – have times changed!  What has been so interesting for me is observing how quickly this change has occurred.  It is as if someone flipped a switch and now so many companies are struggling to find qualified candidates through their current job posting strategies.

Is it because the US jobless rate is down to a 49 year low?  Well – that is certainly a factor.  But I think there is a larger factor at play here.  Look at this graph – it is remarkable…



Consumer confidence has been soaring!  People are spending money and, generally speaking, across the U.S. companies are forecasting greater demand for their products and services.  So, companies are hiring – and while we may get periods of pull back, I do not see the longer trend in hiring subsiding any time soon.

While that is great for candidates, most, if not all of the business leaders I speak to are finding this to be a challenging environment to attract and hire qualified talent.  I work closely with HR leaders who are under significant pressure to solve this problem and meet this demand.  Most of them acknowledge that posting jobs on Linkedin, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, etc., is not working nearly as well as it did in the past – job postings and Linkedin messages are not delivering the number and quality of candidates needed to grow the business and achieve revenue goals.

It is also important to note that this is not industry specific.  Many industry verticals are experiencing significant hiring and talent acquisition challenges.  Posting on multiple job boards is not working and most Linkedin messages go unread or unanswered.

More aggressive talent strategies are needed to compete in the coming months/years ahead.  There is no silver bullet here.  It requires the utilization of cost-effective headhunting strategies and other high-tech / high-touch tactics.  It also does not require that a company have to pay enormous fees to traditional executive recruiting firms.   There are very effective methods, resources, and services that can get the job done while keeping recruitment expenses low.


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Joe Ziccardi

Joe Ziccardi is currently the Chief Talent Officer and Director of Human Resources Services for Alternative Recruiting, a consulting firm and service provider in talent acquisition solutions, executive search, and performance optimization. With more than two decades of experience in providing talent and HR related services, Mr. Ziccardi brings extensive knowledge and insight to the talent issues that face small to mid-size enterprises.

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